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Want To See HARDCORE Facesitting Fun?

Pinned And Smelling Hot Bitch Butt!

"This guy was mouthing off to me while I was working out with my gym partner Sara. He was making all kinds of cracks about how female wrestling was fake and anyone could kick a bitches' ass. YEAH? Well once I dragged him into the wrestling ring, kicked him in the nuts and laid him out cold, I made him get a good taste of my sweaty bitch butt! He was crying and wimpering about it only being a joke, but he sure got the punch line when I rocked back, spread my ass cheeks and made him tongue my dirty asshole for a few minutes in front of his buds! The pin dick! That'll teach him a few things about mouthing off to fitness sluts in the gym, huh?!"

Muscle MILF Facesitting Fun!

"After I turned 40 I decided to get into shape and be really serious and dedicated about my level of fitness. I started working out with weights and training with some female body builders down at the local gym. I'm not quite "ripped" or "shredded" as they say yet, but I'm working on it. My strength is getting better though, here's a picture of my wrestling my husband in the gym's ring and I pinned him in about three minutes. Of course, he said he LET me win just so I would sit on his face! LOL! He's got a bit of a facesit fetish and loves me to grind my sweaty crotch into his face when ever I get home from the gym. And to tell the truth, I'm kind of flattered that he still gets aroused by my "scent" after all these years of marriage!"
a sweaty fitness sluts facesitting picture
Want To See HARDCORE Facesitting Fun?

bikini fights picture

It's Here! Bikini Fights Vol1!

Sweet teen bikini sluts locked in sweaty, sexually-charged erotic wrestling and catfighting matches! All hot young amateurs fighting in their apartments and bedrooms for dominance and pussy bragging rights!


Tit Twisting - Hair Pulling - Nipple Biting - Facesitting Action!

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a sweaty fitness sluts facesitting picture
Want To See HARDCORE Facesitting Fun?

Forced To Smell Ass!

"I'm a female bodybuilder and female wrestling fanatic, and I spend long hours in the gym working out. I'm also VERY sexually dominant and often get rough with some of my male friends when they piss me off. But the other day my girlfriend Lara told me her husband was being a real dick and being mean to her, and would I come over and "straighten him out?" Of course! I came right over from the gym, threw him around her apartment for a while and then made him smell my ass right in front of her! The little weasel! He even tried to get an erection while I was sitting on his face, but I punched him in the nuts and made him lie still. Later I made him stand in the corner while I took his wife into the bedroom and fucked her with my strapon. It was hot!"

A Faceful Of Sweaty Ass!

"I'm a professional female wrestler and to pay the bills I often wrestle men in my private ring for money. They ask me to slap them around a little and them usually I end up pinning them so I can facesit them in my sweaty gym shorts or underwear, what ever they request. Now the guy you see me giving a faceful of hot ass in this picture asked me to wear pantyhose but no panties. Sure thing, if he wants to taste and smell my sweaty ass crack through pantyhose, and is willing to pay for the treat, then that's what the lucky worm gets! LOL!"
a sweaty fitness sluts facesitting picture
Want To See HARDCORE Facesitting Fun?

a sweaty fitness sluts facesitting picture
Want To See HARDCORE Facesitting Fun?

Double Fitness Sluts Facesitting!

"This lucky fellow got not one, but TWO sweaty fitness sluts to take turns sitting and grinding their beautiful fit and firm asses on his face while he lay prone in the wrestling ring. I don't know what gym he belongs to, but if this is the kind of thing that goes on, then I'm joining PRONTO! I'm all about getting ass smothered and butt ground by a couple of sweaty sluts, aren't you? I bet the tart tangy aroma of their hot pussies and moist assholes would just be fucking AWESOME!"
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